About Alfred Industries

About Us

Since 1948, Alfred Industries has been the leader in van body, trailer, and specialty truck equipment with impeccable detail to craftsmanship and reliability.  In 2001, Alfred combined efforts with Timpte Van Bodies, which was founded in 1894. With the design and manufacturing experience of both companies and the vision and drive of nearly 120 years of experience; Alfred has become synonymous for long-lasting, custom, and functional truck body assembly.

In 2007, Alfred Industries moved to their current, state of the art manufacturing facility in Henderson, Colorado.  This new plant has been designed to allow component fabrication, manufacturing, installation, assembly, painting, and service of truck bodies and mobile solutions.  Offices and storage consolidation complete the Henderson location, allowing for full production and operation to be housed under one roof.  Having the ability for all manufacturing to be at one location greatly eliminates unnecessary additional costs seeking outside services.   The climate-controlled building, with a footprint of 40,000 square feet on over 5 acres, features new process controls to enhance efficiency of our production to further solidify our goal to be the best value van body and truck equipment manufacturer.

Alfred Industries has found its forte’ in crafting quality, customizable truck bodies for the challenging and diversified demands of a host of industries.  Furthermore, we have been able to customize our products to meet our customers’ precise needs.  Whether you need something as simple as thicker walls on your van body or demand a body that is complex, for example one requiring cutting edge technology such as real time GPS and video tracking of vehicles, look no further than Alfred Industries.

This ability to create custom, high-quality van bodies is one of the reasons Alfred’s bodies are highly-sought after for mobile decontamination and laboratory solutions. In the fall of 2010, Alfred Industries acquired the operating assets of Modec’s Decontamination Apparatus, the leading decontamination apparatus manufacturer.  Immediately realizing operating synergies and enhanced capabilities by combining the companies’ expertise and manufacturing abilities, Alfred secured the position as a leader in mobile decontamination solutions and laboratories.  Alfred’s innovative solutions have been designed to meet the unique demands for specialized apparatuses. Now known as the Specialty Vehicle division of Alfred Industries; the company has produced hundreds of decontamination trailers and vehicles for fire departments, hospitals, police and other emergency services worldwide.

Alfred Industries brings a diverse background of manufacturing, machining, stamping, injection molding, supply chain management, process control, quality assurance, van body and heavy duty trucking experience to the industry.  In an ever-changing environment, Alfred Industries’ passion for innovative design and quality construction has provided us with the opportunity to design and build truck bodies for a variety of shipping demands.