Alfred Industries has secured the position of the industry-leader in decontamination apparatus and platforms. We have decontamination solutions for almost every industry. Our decontamination division has produced hundreds of decontamination trailers and vehicles for fire departments and first responders around the country.  Our specialty includes producing transportation solutions for the migration of chemical and biological warfare agents.

Alfred Industries engineered and designed the first decontamination pad and hospital trauma systems specifically for the radiological decontamination procedures on behalf of Department of Energy weapons facilities.  For over 20 years, we have manufactured mobile decontamination and response systems for use in highly toxic environments.

Our engineering experience and commitment to excellence go far beyond our factory floor. When your decontamination unit leaves our facility, you can feel confident that every detail has been reviewed and tested to ensure your body will provide you with the tools and equipment you need to handle any emergency situation.  Alfred Industries has an in-house engineering department and drafting specialist on staff so we can streamline the design and manufacturing process and ensure each project is managed efficiently from start to finish.  Our quality assurance is also managed by our engineering team and all manufacturing is reviewed daily to ensure we are delivering what we’ve promised. Systems and operations training are also available so your staff of professionals gain the knowledge they need to safely and efficiently run the complex systems within your decontamination unit.  



  • 4” long sills on 12” centers
  • 1/4” wheel plates
  • 1 1/8” laminated hardwood floor, fully undercoated
  • .040” pre-painted white aluminum skins
  • Radius nose and corners
  • Roll up door in rear frame
  • Curbside swing door
  • 2-3 interior step entry (number of steps dependent upon make and height of chassis)
  • Aluminum roof with arched roof bows on 24” centers
  • 30” anti-sail mud flaps
  • Painted understructure and rear frame


Due to the highly technical nature of our mobile decontamination units, please contact our engineering department at 303-266-7117 to discuss the details of your next build.  We look forward to speaking with you and assisting you with your project. 

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